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Removals to Marseilles

Helping with removals to Marseilles


Marseilles is another city drenched in history in Provence and is the second largest city of France. It is located on the edge of the Mediterranean and is a city where many cultures clash to provide a truly unique experience. Due to its strategic location Marseilles is one of the most important ports in France with an underground canal linking it directly to the Rhone River.

Being such an important port area, Marseilles is a hive of industry including the manufacture of products like soap, vegetable oil, flour and much more. Marseilles is connected to most major European cities by either air, road, rail or water and is likely to be why so many people choose to move to Marseilles.

Historically Marseilles is one of the oldest cities in France dating back to the Phocaean Greeks it was later used as a trading centre for the holy land and is still and important part of Frances culture.

With so much industry in Marseilles it attracts many people as there are more jobs available that in other parts of France. With people come the opportunities for things like property investment as the ability to rent out the properties is much higher in Marseilles.

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Moving to Marseilles is very straight forward if you utilise the services of Elite European. We are specialists removals firm helping people move fro the UK to France, Spain and Portugal. We have already helped many people move to Marseilles with our Marseilles removals service.

We are driven by providing the best customer service to our clients and ensure that your move to Marseilles is as stress free as possible.

Our Marseilles removals service can move part or full loads as well as commercial removals to Marseilles and of course household and furniture removals to Marseilles.

Our Marseilles removals service is competitive and offers many extra benefits. Our experience in moving people from the UK to Marseilles is an important factor as it helps with not only the route planning but the overall moving experience.

If you are looking for a professional removals to Marseilles service then why not get your online quote. We will be as comprehensive as possible so that there are no nasty surprises.

We are a professional removals company with depots across Europe including the UK and Spain.

Let us help you with your Marseilles removals.

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Removals to St Tropez

Moving your goods to St Tropez

St Tropez

When people think about the south of France and about the most exclusive place to holiday or go out and eat, St Tropez is usually top of the list. Every year we see a host of celebrities spending their holidays lazing around the port of St Tropez or relaxing on one of the beaches in St Tropez.

At first site St Tropez looks like a traditional French fishing village with its famous multi-coloured houses visible from across the bay. But once you draw closer you will quickly notice the enormous yachts harboured in the port and many boutiques and restaurants that line the marina.

Shopping and eating is the name of the game at St Tropez but it is also a very popular place for people to move to or to own a holiday home due to the Mediterranean climate and the laid back way of life.

Most of the cafés, bars and shops are within easy walking distance of each other and the beaches are a short drive away in an area called Ramatouelle where you will find the world famous Club 55 and of course Nikki Beach.

Back at the port the main hotel is the Hotel Byblos which is a firm favourite with the celebrities and has one of the most amazing swimming pools where you can float around for the whole day.

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We specialise in helping people move from the UK to France, Spain and Portugal and are the ideal choice of you are looking for a firm that specialises in removals to St Tropez. Top of our list is customer service so our St Tropez removals service is designed to keep you updated about your removals at all stages of the journey.

We can provide both part load removals to St Tropez as well as full load removals to St Tropez and can offer commercial removals to St Tropez as well as household furniture removals to St Tropez.

Don't get caught by using a removals company with little experience just because they are the cheapest. In most cases what appears cheaper at the outset normally ends up costing the same as other St Tropez removals companies when all the extras are added on.

Our St Tropez removals service is very competitive and totally professional. We can help you pack ready to move your belongings to St Tropez or we can provide you with the materials so that you can do it yourself.

Why not completer our online St Tropez removals quotation form and see for yourself why Elite European are a popular choice with people moving from the UK to St Tropez.

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Removals to Provence

Helping with removals to Provence


Provence is the southern most region of France and is not only bathed in history but is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. It attracts the French in the summer for their vacation as well as numerous northern Europeans looking for a bit if French culture mixed with some of the finer things in life.

There are many resorts in Provence to choose, the most popular of which are located along the Cote d'Azur where you will find the rich and famous taking their breaks throughout the year.

The most famous holiday resort in Provence is St Tropez with it's amazing restaurants, luxury marina and superb beach clubs. Cannes is another famous resort and has attracted thousands of visitors every year with some of the top celebrities owning magnificent villas in the hills overlooking Cannes.

Many people choose to move to Provence due to its wonderfully hot climate in the summer. Although not quite as hot as Spain and with a slightly shorter summer, Provence is attractive for these reasons. Some people prefer to move somewhere that has a much better summer and warmer in the winter but not to extreme at either end.

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Here at Elite European removals we have helped a great number of people move to Provence over the years and provide a specialists and professional Provence removals service to ensure that your move to Provence is a pleasant and stress free experience.

We offer different levels of Provence removals from part loads to full loads to Provence, from normal furniture and household removals to Provence right through to commercial removals and haulage to Provence.

Our removals service to Provence operates from the UK or Spain and you will always receive the highest levels of customer service.

Why not get a FREE online quotation and find out more about or Provence removals service.

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Removals to Brittany

Looking for a professional company for removals to Brittany?


Brittany is often described as one of France's most rugged regions and has a landscape to suit pretty much every person. Brittany is a mystical and enchanting place with some of the most spectacular coastline to be found in France as well as many historical towns, small islands and even inland wooded areas. These are just some of the reasons that set in motion the process of moving to Brittany.

See below for more information about Brittany and about our Brittany removals service.

Anyone that has visited Brittany will know that the residents cling on to their culture and are proud of the ancient past.

There are many places to visit while in Brittany and is a haven for tourists looking to explore a region that has been bathed in history for centuries.

Some of the most popular towns include Cote D'emeraude Saint Malo which is unusually built in granite and boasts a cathedral and 14th century cathedral. St Malo is also a very popular sun bathing resort.

Arcouest and the island of Brehat are also famous attractions although you will see the majority of tourists arrive as the sun is setting to really admire its special qualities. There are long sandy beaches mixed in with the natural rusty rock which provide the most spectacular pink hues.

St. Thegonnec, Guimiliau and Lampaul-Guimiliau are historical towns dating back to 1532 and symbolise the Catholic and Celtic origins of Brittany.

Other popular destinations in Brittany include Quimper, Pont-Aven and Carnac.

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One you have visited Brittany it is easy to see why so many people choose to move to Brittany. From great sunshine in the summer to cool winters that equal the UK Brittany is a firm favourite with expats looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Elite European have helped many people move to Brittany and offer a dedicated and specialised removals service to Brittany carefully designed to help you move with the least amount of fuss and stress.

Our Brittany removals service can be booked for a half or full load and is offered at very competitive rates. We are a family run business who have helped many people move to Brittany and throughout France and survive on offering the highest levels of customer service.

Why not complete our online Brittany removals service quotation form and see for yourself why we are one of the leading European removals companies.

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