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Friday, 06 September 2013 15:49

Removals to Marseilles

Marseilles is another city drenched in history in Provence and is the second largest city of France. It is located on the edge of the Mediterranean and is a city where many cultures clash to provide a truly unique experience. Due to its strategic location Marseilles is one of the most important ports in France with an underground canal linking it directly to the Rhone River.

Being such an important port area, Marseilles is a hive of industry including the manufacture of products like soap, vegetable oil, flour and much more. Marseilles is connected to most major European cities by either air, road, rail or water and is likely to be why so many people choose to move to Marseilles.

Historically Marseilles is one of the oldest cities in France dating back to the Phocaean Greeks it was later used as a trading centre for the holy land and is still and important part of Frances culture.

With so much industry in Marseilles it attracts many people as there are more jobs available that in other parts of France. With people come the opportunities for things like property investment as the ability to rent out the properties is much higher in Marseilles.

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Our Marseilles removals service can move part or full loads as well as commercial removals to Marseilles and of course household and furniture removals to Marseilles.

Our Marseilles removals service is competitive and offers many extra benefits. Our experience in moving people from the UK to Marseilles is an important factor as it helps with not only the route planning but the overall moving experience.

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