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Friday, 06 September 2013 14:19

Sotogrande Removals

Sotogrande is located about 25 minutes west of Marbella and has become an area associated with luxury properties. Here you will find some extensive villas and estates and a number of first class golf courses including the famous Valderrama Golf Course which hosted the 1997 Ryder Cup.

There are many properties in Sotogrande from the huge villas in the famous Kings and Queens area, so called because the streets are named after monarchs through to the luxury penthouses and apartments in the port.

Like may of the larger towns on the Costa del Sol, Sotogrande is split into two distinct areas, Sotogrande Costa, which runs along the beach to the port and Sotogrande Alto where you will find the golf courses and golf properties.

If you are moving to Sotogrande you will need to find a removals company that always put the customer first, a professional removals firm that provides the highest levels of customer service and a Sotogrande removals company that knows the local area well.

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Our removals to Sotogrande service is designed to provide all of the above at competitive rates. We can offer a first class removals service to Sotogrande from the UK or Sotogrande to the UK. From part loads through to full loads our Sotogrande removals service is the right choice.

We can provide household furniture removals to Sotogrande or commercial and business removals in Sotogrande. Whatever the removals job we are the right company to help you move with the minimum fuss.

Why not request a full quotation by clicking the banner below for some more information about our removals to Sotogrande.

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Friday, 06 September 2013 14:16

Casares Removals

Casares is an inland village and one of the most popular white pueblos on the Costa del Sol. Although there is an area called Casares Playa (Casares Beach) the majority of the development and housing is on the approach road to the village along the golf courses and around the village itself.

Casares is a popular tourist destination with its ruins of the fort that used to defend the village when it was occupied by the Mors and its narrow cobbled streets.

As you enter Casares you arrive at the top of the village where you will have amazing panoramic views across the village and to the hills that surround Casares.

Casares has played an important part in Spanish history throughout the centuries dating back to Roman times and was one of the last villages to fall back to the Catholics from the Muslim occupation.

If you are a golf lover then Casares has many local courses within a short drive to keep even the best golfer challenged. Many properties have been built around the golf courses providing magnificent views of the course and towards the coast.

Elite European Ltd are experts in removals to Casares and have helped many satisfied clients move their belongings from the UK to Casares or from Casares back to the UK.

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Being based on the Costa del Sol ourselves we fully understand the system and are able to provide you with all the advice you will need about moving to Casares and about removals to Casares.

We are a professional family run business and pride ourselves on offering the highest levels of customer service whilst still being very competitive.

Why not find out more about our Casares removals service and how we can help you move your household good and furniture between Casares and the UK or the UK and Casares. From part loads to full loads from home removals to business and commercial removals, we are the ideal choice of removals company if you are moving to or from Casares.

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Friday, 06 September 2013 14:05

Duquesa Removals

Duquesa is an area on the western Costa del Sol just outside of Estepona that has become very popular with expats moving to Spain. It is an town that offers everything from stunning sandy beaches, a port and a selection of quality golf courses.

With such a wide variety of facilities on offer it is no wonder that there are many property developments from the older ones built back in the 80's when the area was becoming a popular resort up to the modern developments in the port are overlooking the fabulous golf courses.

Living in Duquesa will provide you with everything you will need and the majority of it, wherever you live is just a short stroll away.

Being such a popular area here at Elite European Ltd we have helped a large number of people move to Duquesa both along the coast of Duquesa and in the hills of Duquesa golf.

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If you are considering moving the Duquesa then why not enquire about our specialised Duquesa removals service.

We are based here on the Costa del Sol and know Duquesa very well. This has proved to be very helpful to clients that we have moved to Duquesa and who have benefited from out removals to Duquesa service.

Our Duquesa removals service can help you if you need removals between the UK and Duquesa or other parts of Spain to Duquesa or even removals from Duquesa to the UK.

Using our Duquesa removals service not only gives you the peace of mind that you are using a professional removals company, you will also benefit from our competitive rates and advice.

We can help you pack your household goods ready to move to or from Duquesa or simply provide you with the materials to pack yourself.

Whether you are looking for household furniture removals to or from Duquesa on the Costa del Sol or even commercial / business removals we are on hand to provide the best service.

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Friday, 06 September 2013 13:56

Estepona Removals

Estepona is the largest town as you head west from Marbella. It encompasses a number of smaller villages and property developments as well as occupying a large area along the coast. Estepona is a golfers paradise as there are many courses to choose from, some of which are located next to luxury five star hotels.

Estepona starts immediately after Marbella and has dozens of popular sandy beaches. In the main resort of Estepona you will find a huge choice of restaurants and beach bars as well as many of the usual high street shops.

Estepona is popular with property buyers as it is more authentic than some of the other resorts along the Costa del Sol. Despite the huge development it has managed to retain its Spanish charm and you will find that many Spanish from all over the country choose to take their holidays in Estepona.

With the number of property developments and the slightly lower prices than Marbella, Estepona has become a sought after location for property buyers and investors.

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At Elite European Ltd we are specialists in Estepona removals and can help you move to Estepona. From the very start we are on hand to offer advice and to guide you through the moving process.

We have offices in the UK and here on the Costa del Sol and know the area extremely well meaning that we can provide lots of useful help. If you want us to pack your belongings ready for moving to Estepona we offer that as a service or if you prefer to pack your household goods yourself we can provide the materials, the choice is yours.

We pride ourselves in offering the highest levels of customer service and that is why we are confident that we can provide you with the best Estepona removals service.

Why not find out more about our Estepona removals services by completing the online quotation form or by filling in the brief form below.

Don't settle for second best when looking for a removals to Estepona choose Elite European Ltd. As a family run professional business we are competitive and always looking after your best interests.

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Friday, 06 September 2013 13:52

Puerto Banus Removals

Even if you have never visited Spain most of you would have already heard of Puerto Banus on the Costa del Sol.

Just to give you a quick history lesson prior to its reconstruction in the 60's by Jose Banus, Puerto Banus was a typical small fishing village attracting the normal levels of visitors looking at authentic villages on the Costa del Sol. However, Jose Banus had very different ideas and built a huge port area with properties overlooking the marina and created a number of luxury shops.

Now the Costa del Sol had a rival to the elite ports like St Tropez and the rich and famous started to flock to the port for holidays or they arrived in their luxury yachts to spend a few days eating and drinking in some of the best restaurants in Europe.

Nowadays Puerto Banus has attracted some of the top fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana and even Jimmy Choo and remains a top place to visit for many people coming to the Costa del Sol. There is literally every type of cuisine you can imagine from fresh fish and seafood to Asian and Italian.

Being such a popular place to visit it has also attracted a number of property buyers looking for luxury homes in one of Europe's finest addresses. There are a number of new property developments in Puerto Banus both overlooking the Marina as well as slightly more inland and even around the golf courses.

At Elite European Ltd we have already helped people move to Puerto Banus and offer a high class Puerto Removals service specifically to help people move household furniture from the UK to Puerto Banus or even from elsewhere within the Spain to Puerto Banus.

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Although we offer very high levels of customer service we remain competitive and can offer storage facilities as well as packing services for your goods.

We are based here on the Costa del Sol and know the system very well making it much easier when advising you about your Puerto Banus removals.

All you need to do to find out more about our removals service is to complete the online quotation form so that we can start to price up your removals to Puerto Banus.

We are able to help whether you need a part load removals service or a full load to Puerto Banus and are always on hand to offer you advice and provide updates on the location of your goods whilst on route.

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Friday, 06 September 2013 13:18

Elviria Removals

Elviria was relatively unknown a few years ago apart from being home to one of the oldest five star hotels on the coast the Don Carlos. Nowadays however it has become a very popular holiday destination and a very popular area for people to move to. It has expanded with a number of tasteful developments both on the coast side as well as on the mountainside and the introduction of a couple of new commercial centres with lots of shops, bars and restaurants has only increased its appeal.

Elviria is famous for its sand beach and 'golf valley' where you will now find a number of brand new property developments, all of which have breathtaking views out across the Mediterranean.

Elviria is part of the Marbella postcode but being to the east it commands lower prices for property than central Marbella, making it an attractive area for many people to purchase homes. Even now it is still high on the list of many property buyers and people relocating to Spain.

At Elite European Ltd we are pleased to have helped a number of people moving to Elviria with their removals requirements. Our specialist Elviria removals service is designed to assist you with all aspects of your move whether you require a part load removals service or indeed a full load household / furniture removals service to Elviria. We have even helped many businesses relocate from the UK to Elviria or from other parts of the Costa del Sol and Spain to Elviria.

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We are proud of our removals service and boast extremely high levels of customer service. We are actually based here on the Costa del Sol and know the area well which means we are able to offer real advice about moving to Elviria as well as keeping you updated with your removals to Elviria.

If you have been searching for a removals company for your Elviria removals you will no doubt know that there are a number of removals firms to choose from and at this stage you have no idea who offers the best service, competitive rates or indeed are reliable.

Why not take the first step in finding out but completing our online quotation form for Elviria removals. You will more than likely find that we are not the cheapest removals firm, but we are very competitive. Cheap and good service don't usually go hand in hand so if you are solely motivated by price then we may not be the right choice of Elviria removals company for you.

If however you are looking for a competitive removals quote, high levels of customer service and reliability then we could be the best call you make.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope we can help you with your removals to Elviria, Spain.

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Friday, 06 September 2013 13:14

Calahonda Removals

Calahonda is part of the Costa del Sol known as Mijas Costa. It is about 15 minutes west of Fuengirola and has been a popular destination for holiday makers for many years. As with any popular tourist resort the residential side has also increased steadily with more and more expats leaving the colder, wetter UK and moving lock stock and barrel to Spain.

There has been a steady growth in the number of people moving to Calahonda due to its proximity to the main resorts and shopping centres, its close proximity to Malaga Airport and of course the stunning sandy beaches that stretch for kms.

There are many things within Calahonda to keep you amused without having to venture out with a stretch of road filled with bars and restaurants. Further along you will find to main commercial centres which again are packed with bars, shops and restaurants.

Calahonda is also an access and exit point for the toll road which runs parallel with the N340.

Here at Elite European Ltd we have helped a large number of people move to Calahonda with our Calahonda removals service. We offer bespoke removals to help you move to Calahonda with the minimum of fuss and ensure that your move progresses without stress.

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Our Calahonda removals service is designed to provide you with the highest levels of customer service as well as offering advice at all times.

We have already moved to Spain, as have a number of our close family members so we are able to provide you will real and honest advice about your move.

We understand that you will have a choice of Calahonda removals firms but are confident that once you have asked for a quotation from us for your Calahonda removals, we will be at the top of your list of companies to use.

Our rates are competitive although our service is considered to be the best. We can provide you with storage facilities here in Spain and can even help you with packing your goods.

Our Calahonda removals service covers everything from household and furniture removals from the UK to Calahonda (or the other way around) as well as commercial and business moves to Calahonda.

All you need to do to find out more about our Calahonda removals services is complete the online quotation form.

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Friday, 06 September 2013 12:54

Marbella Removals

Marbella is probably the most well known resort on the Costa del Sol attracting thousands of holiday makers and tourists every month. It became a huge hit with the rich and famous back in the 70's but nowadays is popular with just about everyone.

Marbella itself covers a large area from Cabopino in the east through to San Pedro de Alcantara in the west including of course the famous port area Puerto Banus. The main centre of Marbella (Marbella Centro) is split between the old town and the beach area which has a long promenade lined with restaurants, tapas bars and cafes.

Being the main hub and business area of the western Costa del Sol it is also a very popular place for people to move to. Here at Elite European we have helped many people with their removals to Marbella and would welcome the opportunity to help you move to Marbella too.

Being based just outside of Marbella ourselves we know the area well and can offer you lots of useful advice about your removals to Marbella or indeed about moving to Marbella.

Whether you need our Marbella removals service for a part load or a full load we are here to help. We are experts in furniture removals to Marbella as well as business and commercial removals.

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It is important when you are choosing a Marbella removals firm that you are comfortable with the service being offered, the advice provided and f course the quotation itself. Moving your household goods to Marbella is a big decision and you should carry out the necessary research before you choose your Marbella removals company.

We are confident that once you have spoken to us about our removals to Marbella service and obtained a competitive quotation, you will choose our service to help move your belongings to Marbella.

Why not go to our online quotation page for details of our removals to Marbella service.

We offer a very professional and competitive removals service to Marbella and look after your goods as if they were our own.

Don't cut corners when choosing your removals firm. We never cut corners with our service.

We are always on hand to offer you as much advice as you need about moving to Marbella so feel free to email us, call us or complete the online quotation.

We can help with commercial moves and household removals both to and from the UK.

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Friday, 06 September 2013 12:49

Removals to Fuengirola

Fuengirola is the heart of the area on the Costa del Sol referred to as Mijas Costa and boasts one of the longest promenades of the area. The town of Fuengirola has grown from a small fishing village to a large holiday resort which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Fuengirola is located about 20 minutes from Malaga Airport and is a few minutes from the main resorts of Benalmadena and La Cala de Mijas. The main N340 road runs right through the middle of the resort splitting up the hotels and beach from the main drive in commercial centres.

Being such an important resort, Fuengirola is now home to many new commercial centres and department stores as well as many restaurants and bars. It is also a popular place for people who want to move to Spain or buy a property in an established area.

The infrastructure in Fuengirola is extremely good in Fuengirola with lots of money continually being ploughed in to the roads and pathways.

At Elite European Ltd we have helped many people move to Fuengirola with our Fuengirola removals service designed to provide you with the highest levels of customer service. We pride ourselves on the advice and assistance that we provide for people moving to Fuengirola.

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Whether you are moving to one of the main golf areas of Fuengirola or the beach side we are in a position to help with all of your Fuengirola removals requirements.

Our Fuengirola removals service is competitive and professional and caters for all household and furniture removals as well as commercial and business removals to Fuengirola. We can offer removals for part load or full loads and provide a full packing service to help take some of the stress away from moving home.

With our Fuengirola removals service we can also offer storage facilities if you are not ready for your furniture or goods to be delivered to Fuengirola immediately.

To find out more about our Fuengirola removals services why not get your free online quotation and see why so many people have already used our service to move to Fuengirola.

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Friday, 06 September 2013 12:19

Removals to Mijas

Mijas is the inland village of Costa Mijas and is a typical white pueblo located about 15 minutes drive from Fuengirola. It has been a popular tourist attraction and is home to many expats who set up home in Spain many years ago.

Nowadays it is still a very popular destination for people moving to Spain and there are a number of brand new property developments located on the approach road to the village.

We have helped many people move to Mijas with our Mijas Removals service. Our specialised removals to Mijas service can provide affordable removals whether that be a part load, full load, household furniture removals or even commercial removals to Mijas.

There are many attractions and facilities in Mijas for both tourists and residents, the most famous of which has to be the Mijas donkeys that cart holiday makers around the village. Being the Costa del Golf there are also many golf courses in the area known as Mijas Golf and with Fuengirola just a short drive away there are numerous shopping centres, cafés, bars, restaurants and beaches to keep people of all ages amused.

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Getting to Mijas is very easy from Malaga Airport. You just head in the direction of Cadiz / Algeciras on the N340 motorway and just before Fuengirola you take the exit to Mijas. This takes you to a large roundabout over the toll road and you take the exit sign posted Mijas which takes you up to the village.

With our Mijas removals service we are also able to provide storage facilities at our Malaga depot so if you are not ready to have your items delivered the moment you arrive in Spain, we can offer adequate storage.

Our Spain removals service is a family run business which means that customer service is one of the key components to our service. We have built up a solid reputation on the Costa del Sol, France and Portugal and are even used for the overspill of other Spanish removal firms.

For a competitive quote for removals from the UK to Mijas on the Costa del Sol just go to our online quotation form.

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