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Calahonda is part of the Costa del Sol known as Mijas Costa. It is about 15 minutes west of Fuengirola and has been a popular destination for holiday makers for many years. As with any popular tourist resort the residential side has also increased steadily with more and more expats leaving the colder, wetter UK and moving lock stock and barrel to Spain.

There has been a steady growth in the number of people moving to Calahonda due to its proximity to the main resorts and shopping centres, its close proximity to Malaga Airport and of course the stunning sandy beaches that stretch for kms.

There are many things within Calahonda to keep you amused without having to venture out with a stretch of road filled with bars and restaurants. Further along you will find to main commercial centres which again are packed with bars, shops and restaurants.

Calahonda is also an access and exit point for the toll road which runs parallel with the N340.

Here at Elite European Ltd we have helped a large number of people move to Calahonda with our Calahonda removals service. We offer bespoke removals to help you move to Calahonda with the minimum of fuss and ensure that your move progresses without stress.

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Our Calahonda removals service is designed to provide you with the highest levels of customer service as well as offering advice at all times.

We have already moved to Spain, as have a number of our close family members so we are able to provide you will real and honest advice about your move.

We understand that you will have a choice of Calahonda removals firms but are confident that once you have asked for a quotation from us for your Calahonda removals, we will be at the top of your list of companies to use.

Our rates are competitive although our service is considered to be the best. We can provide you with storage facilities here in Spain and can even help you with packing your goods.

Our Calahonda removals service covers everything from household and furniture removals from the UK to Calahonda (or the other way around) as well as commercial and business moves to Calahonda.

All you need to do to find out more about our Calahonda removals services is complete the online quotation form.